Does your soap make your skin feel tight and dry? Would you like the soaps you use to be natural, free of synthetic detergents, colors and fragrances? Our soap cleans without being harsh or drying. It leaves your skin smooth and silky, not dry and tight. Our soap, heavensoap, is a great quality natural product made with olive and coconut oils, herbs and essential oils. 

Cold process soaps are rich in glycerin, giving them a silky, luxuriant feel. Our handcrafted soaps are made from olive and coconut oils blended with herbs and essential oils for gentle, healthful bars. We use no synthetic detergents, dyes or perfumes in our soap.

We also make lotion bars, lip balms, bath salts, shaving soap and other herbal products to bless, pamper and please you. Take a look at products designed to make you feel heavenly. 

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