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Fall 2014
In this issue:
  • Publisher's Note
  • Q&A/Reader's Comments:
  • Fall and winter
  • Heavensoap Information: Herb of the Month-Peppermint


Publisher's Note:


Happy Fall


We are gearing up for what promises to be a wonderful holiday season. 


We have just launched a new shopping cart at www.heavensoap.com/presta 

One of our favorite features of this new shopping cart is that you can 

search for key words - such as invigorating soap, or lemon soap. 


For orders, we typically can process orders within one to two working day of 

receiving them between now and Christmas. Since most of our orders 

go out either fed ex ground or USPS priority, that means you should 

receive your order within about a week, give or take a day or two 


We have introduced a couple of new products to our line - both an 

unscented soap and an unscented lotion bar. We've also made our 

cinnamon oatmeal soap available by the individual bar. Probably most 

exciting for us is the introduction of Pure Lavender soap -  it is 

crafted with lavender essential oil and crushed lavender flowers. 


We are seeking reader's submissions on soap and herb related topics 

for publication in our newsletter. Please send submissions to 

info@heavensoap.com. If your article is selected for publication you 

will receive a four-pack of the herbal soap of your choice and your 

work will be read by our 500 subscribers. Articles may be edited for 

length, style and content.


-John and Marty


********Q&A/Reader Comments********


Tell us about your experiences with our soaps. If you have questions 

or comments regarding soaps, bath salts, aromatherapy, herbs or 

anything else that is on your mind, write us at info@heavensoap.com.


********Fall and winter********


An interesting fact about living in Denver, it is normal for us to have 5 inches 

of snow before Halloween. Considering that we didn't have a hard frost until 

last week, it has been a very mild fall here. 


On the average, Denver sees the first frost around October 7 and the 

first snow October 19th. The foothills typically get their first 

frost a few weeks earlier. While we are on the subject of Winter -

Denver gets an average of 61" of snow a year!



******Herb of the Month-Peppermint******


(Note: This is a reprint of a Sept. 1999 article from our newsletter, with the 

holidays approaching, it seemed appropriate to focus on peppermint which 

just speaks to holidays)


Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is one of the many varieties of mints. 

Mint receives its name from the Greek nymph Minthe, who was changed 

to an aromatic plant after an unfortunate tryst with Pluto. 


Mints were scattered in the floors of ancient Hebrew synagogues and 

Christ chastened the Pharisees for being sticklers for small matters 

such as giving a tenth of this herb to God while ignoring weightier 

matters of justice, mercy and faithfulness. 


Peppermint is one of the most medicinally valuable of all the mints. 

It is cooling, energizing and pain relieving. As a tea it is soothes 

upset stomachs, improves digestion and relieves headaches and nervous 



In the garden peppermint is a pretty but aggressive plant with square 

stems and oval, toothed leaves. It grows up to 3 feet long, but tends 

to fall over after reaching lengths of more than 18 inches. It puts 

up long flower spikes in mid-to-late summer. It grows well in partial 

shade and likes frequent rains or watering. 


Peppermint spreads by sending out side shoots at or just below the 

surface of the earth. It continues to do this through autumn and 

winter and will surprise you by popping up in unexpected places. It 

should be contained or planted in an area where its invasive habit 

won't cause problems.


We use peppermint and peppermint essential oil in our soaps, 

Peppermint Patch and Rosemary & Mint, and in our Peppermint Lotion 

Bar and Oh! Mint Lip Balm.


İ 2014 John Brask


photo of heavensoap owners, John Brask and Marty Hebeler

İ 2014
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